TGTB Business Assistants provide support for Administrators and help them with administrative and managerial tasks. Common duties listed on a Business Assistant resume are organizing meetings, handling mail, preparing reports, typing, helping implement procedures and interacting with clients

Lending Administrative Assistant
A lending administrative assistant, sometimes called a lending assistant, is an administrative assistant who works for a loan officer. Job duties of lending administrative assistants may include preparing loan documents, scheduling loan closings, and interacting with clients. They work closely with clients to provide information on available loan products or to answer questions clients may have regarding opening a new loan or researching an existing loan. They may answer phone calls or emails for the loan officer.

Human Resources Administrative Assistant
Administrative assistants may be employed by a human resources officer in a TGTbank. In this capacity, the administrative assistant may be responsible for posting jobs and recruiting staff, as well as coordinating ongoing training for current employees and setting up orientation programs for new employees. A human resources administrative assistant is typically responsible for maintaining employee files and she may track payroll, performance reviews and administration of benefits. She is often responsible for communicating with employees on behalf of the human resources officer.
An executive administrative assistant provides vital assistance to a TGTbank’s top executive officer such as a president or chief executive officer. In this role, the administrative assistant has contact with board members and has to handle confidential information in a professional way. When the executive is unavailable, the administrative assistant is the point of contact for other officers within the bank as well as auditors, other staff members, and members of the public. Other duties of an executive administrative assistant include coordinating calendars for the bank’s top executives, preparing statistical reports, and possibly screening phone calls and emails for the executive.
Other Job Duties
Administrative assistants throughout banks are key players who help banks continue to run smoothly. They are trained to use many different types of office equipment, such as scanners, telephone systems, photocopiers and fax machines. Many of these office professionals maintain databases, prepare spreadsheets, prepare presentations, and compose correspondence. They may purchase supplies, negotiate with vendors, and distribute information. They may be responsible for training new staff or supervising clerical staff.
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